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Engineering Document Management System

To minimize interruptions to the production process, it is important to ensure there is integrity and reliability in the equipment that supports it. With the thousands, if not millions of equipment, such as: instruments, valves, vessels, pipes, pumps, storage tanks. It becomes difficult to keep track of each item’s design, operation, and also its technical integrity and reliability. Hence why, engineering document management system (EEDMS) is crucial.

EDMS is a document management system that supports engineering document, such as: detailed equipment specifications, drawings, reports, etc. EDMS is a part of asset integrity management system. EDMS pro system is integrated with maintenance and inspection system that would maximize its function.

Asset/equipment integrity and reliability affect the whole company, and should be addressed as such. The integrity and reliability engineer is a specialist meant to assist in these issues. The engineer maintains all the equipment and analyzes all the issues. Everyone must pitch in and do their parts too. As such a system is needed to summarize and highlight the problems for all to see.

EDMS offers a solution that directly addresses these issues in a very simplified and flexible way. Furthermore, it can be easily expanded into a full-fledged asset integrity management system and address other issues like job integrity. The system can start in a simplified manner with minimum investment, and provides minimum interruptions to the current working system. And yet, it strives to offer a way forward.

The Benefits of EDMS:
    • Normal library system cannot be used to handle engineering documents and drawings which contain highly technical engineering information. EDMS is the best solution for this case.
    • EDMS provides each type of documents with its own specific form. Single generic form for all documents and drawings will not work.
    • It will create a central engineering facility and equipment database.
    • With the central engineering database information, it is much easier to locate and keep it updated.
    • With the engineering database, more advanced integrity and reliability methods like RBI and RCM can be more effectively implemented.
    • With equipment information being readily available, better informed decisions can be made.
With all these benefit, EDMS offer you the best solution to manage your engineering document.