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Mechanical Integrity System

Mechanical Integrity is a program that manages all activities (monitoring, control, documentation, etc) to assure that the all components works together in a plant or facility in a Safe Condition throughout its operational lifetime.
Mechanical Integrity is built upon the Mechanical Integrity Programs as developed and implemented for typical downstream companies seeking to comply with the US Process Safety Management Regulations (OHSA 1910.119). It also gives an introduction to our Mechanical integrity Philosophy and also suggests how this system will find its place in the overall operation of the Company.
Mechanical Integrity addresses in maintaining the on-going integrity of process equipment, in simple English, keeping the process inside the equipments.

    Mechanical Integrity in the Process Industry
  • Mechanical Integrity is the answer to a raising trend in incidents, and the introduction of the process safety management regulations in the USA.
    Asset integrity builds upon good design, and;
    Fabrication and construction must be in accordance with the design intent.
    The operation and maintenance of the plant must be in accordance with the relevant procedures.
    To make the right decisions, good data is needed. This must be subject to the right analysis to gain the information needed to facilitate the best decisions.
    These actions must be performed by trained and competent staff and an overall management system is needed to ensure that the right things happen in the right way at the right time.
    Through all these elements asset integrity can be achieved.
    The Mechanical Integrity System needs to be an integral part of the Company’s Process Safety Management, and should either be fully integrated with or in full compliance with the company’s overall and/or other management systems.
    Mechanical Integrity Model
  • Our approach to Mechanical integrity is applicable to equipment and system. It includes definition of necessary control for maintaining plant and facilities integrity, including procedures written and implemented, training of maintenance and inspection personnel, inspection and testing and assessment of the system. Equipment deficiencies need to be tracked and corrected and quality assurance standards for fabrication, engineered equipment and installation should be established.
    The Mechanical Integrity System;
  • is an integral part of Process Safety management; is a proactive, systematic approach to reduce the risk of hazardous chemical releases; maximizes reliability of the equipment and processes by maintaining the ongoing integrity of process equipment.
    The actions and responsibilities of the Mechanical Integrity System are defined in the Mechanical Integrity Manual. The Mechanical Integrity System process is defined by the activities needed to maintain adequate technical integrity of the facilities and equipment. These are defined in terms of the plan - do - check - improve quality lop and should comply with the ISO process approach.
    Benefit of MI System Program
  • A good Mechanical Integrity program implementation will:
    Improve on-stream operations
    Minimize unexpected equipment failure
    Reduce costs
    Provide accurate and consistent information about equipment