inspection services

Engineering & Consulting Services

    Engineering & Project Management Team
  • Providing a team that executes project operation excellence that covers these areas: procurement, fabrication, and installation. We also provide engineering verification and assessment services for FEED.
    Project Financing Monitoring
  • Providing expert team to assess the project milestone against loan disbursement.
    Asset Operation Training
  • To support the above areas, we also provide the following training:
    • QRA (quantitative risk assessment)
    • Risk management and process safety management
    • Risk based inspection (RBI)
    • Modern safety management
    • HAZOP study techniques
    • HAZOP leadership
    • Reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM)
    • Reliability centered maintenance (RCM)
    • Environmental impact assessment
    • Safety and environmental management and audits
    • Emergency planning and emergency response
    • Fault tree analysis
    • Offshore safety training
    • Quality management
    • Ship management
    • Loss control management
    • Environmental management
    • Maintenance assessment protocol (MAP)
    • Mechanical integrity (MI)