inspection services

Inspection for Statutory Certification

    Directorate General of Electricity (DJ-Ketenagalistrikan)
  • The statutory certification service covers certification of safety and operational standards to the installation (SLO) of these facilities:
    • Power plants (and all types of equipment within), the scope of service includes the power generator commissioning and reliability run test.
    Directorate General of New Energy, Renewable and Energy Conversation (DJ-EBTKE)
  • This statutory certification service covers Geothermal, Pipelines, Inland Facilities, Pressure Vessel, Piping, Lifting Equipment, Rotating equipment, PSV, Storage Tank.
    Directorate General of Oil and Gas (DJ-MIGAS)
  • This statutory certification service covers Pipelines, Platform structure, Top side, on-land facilities, Pressure Vessel, Piping, Crane, rotating equipment, PSV, welding and underwater welding certification for NDT and welders.
    Man Power Department
  • This service covers the statutory certification which is not covered by all the above statutory services.
    Directorate General of Air Communication (DGAC)
  • This statutory certification service covers all on land Heliport and platform helicopter deck, working barge helicopter deck and derrick barge helicopter deck.
    Directorate General of Mineral, Batu Bara (DJ-MB)
  • This service is for the general mining and geothermal – resources area of industries. Refinery and power plant for Plant certification include all types of equipment and utilities – transport pipelines.